Biceps Tendon Repairs

Biceps tendon tears usually cause pain in the front of the shoulder, which can spread down the arm to the elbow. They are often associated with tears of the rotator cuff. The tendon begins inside the shoulder joint and exits into the arm after passing between the rotator cuff tendons.

The biceps tendon can be affected pathologically in the same manner as the rotator cuff tendons. It may degenerate over a period of time (a process known as tendinopathy) or rupture suddenly. An arthroscopic biceps tenotomy is the name of the procedure where keyhole surgery is used to cut the tendon and remove it from the joint.

Biceps Tendon Repairs Diagram

This is an effective way of addressing pain from an abnormal biceps tendon, but it does result in a slight sagging of the biceps muscle and a slight loss of strength. One way to prevent both of these issues is to reattach the biceps tendon outside the joint once it has been cut. This is referred to as anĀ arthoscopic biceps tenodesis.