Treatments for Nerve Compression Syndromes in the Elbow

Nerve problems around the inner aspect of the elbow can, paradoxically, give rise to symptoms in the hand. This is because one of the large nerves that supplies the sensation and muscle power to the hand runs around the elbow joint. If the ulnar nerve becomes compressed as it winds around the elbow into the forearm it can result in cubital tunnel syndrome causing tingling over the ring and little finger and, in severe cases, weakness and clumsiness of the hand. This can be addressed by surgically releasing the tissues around the nerve.

On the other side of the elbow the radial nerve may be compressed between the large muscles of the forearm, causing radial tunnel syndrome. The main feature of this syndrome is pain over the upper and outer forearm, and in severe cases, weakness of wrist and finger movement. Again, the treatment involves surgically releasing any constricting structures around the nerve.