Excellent! Very knowledgeable and understanding. Dr McCann helped me with my shoulder pain. Would highly recommend.

Réda Skandre

Thank you, Mr. McCann for your neatly successful ‘bear-claw’ keyhole surgery procedure that has determined my complete recovery after 6 1/2 months. Family and friends too have been impressed with my extension, flexibility and strength progress and subsequent scar healing, made no less apparent by your physiological understanding of my problem and your applied adroit surgery.

Thank you again, Philip McCann and congratulations on a job well done!

Gregory Brees

Oh my goodness. Where do I start? I was lucky enough to be able to have Dr McCann as my surgeon, I was able to get a date for surgery booked in 2 weeks after first initial consultation, he didn't make me feel like I was being silly and was completely understanding and sympathetic- which alot of doctors I saw werent- the actual surgey was a breeze. I had the BEST care, and after care and I was told exactly what was done and how it went. I've had regular check ups and they've always been a pleasure to attend because Dr McCann is simply amazing.

I honestly wouldn't go anywhere else for surgery. I would 10/10 recommend him.

One of the nicest people I've ever come across.

Amy Sansom

Great treatment. I had a shoulder replacement 4yrs ago, I could not raise my arm above horizontal. Now it is still operating fully. It is the best thing that i have ever had done. I would certainly recommend, Richard Pym.

Sue Pym

There is a reason Dr McCann has 5 stars in all his reviews. I spent years with pain and constant dislocation in my right shoulder. He diagnosed it straight away and performed surgery. The surgery went perfectly, recovery was so easy and I’m now back to full range of movement with no dislocating or pain. Mr McCann is a remarkable surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone. Explains everything so well and knows his stuff! Deserves a lot more recognition for his work.

Lucy White

Very professional & reassuring from diagnosis through to post-operative reviews. I regained largely pain-free, almost full range shoulder movement within a week of a significant operation, and it continues to improve. I recommend Mr McCann without hesitation.

Andrew Elmore

After suffering with shoulder pain for four years I went to see Mr McCann and he very quickly diagnosed the problem. He then carried out the operation and I've been thrilled with the results. I'm now pain free and am undertaking physio to regain full movement. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr McCann.

Linda Shears

I wish I had seen Mr McCann much earlier than I did, as I now have no pain in my shoulder and a full range of movement following 2+ years of shoulder trouble, which was quickly worsening and stopping me enjoying much loved activities such as golf and swimming. The problem was quickly diagnosed as a shoulder impingement and resolved via keyhole surgery during a day case visit. The whole experience was very professionally handled by both Mr McCann and the excellent Spire hospital staff. The Covid-19 precautions at the Spire hospital are exemplary and soon dispel any worries on that front. All in all it was a very successful experience for me and I would not hesitate to recommend Mr McCann to help resolve orthopaedic issues within his remit. Don't hesitate like I did.

Paul Metters

After injuring my shoulder on a mountain bike I saw Mr McCann. Excellent advice, pragmatic and sensible. I ended up having surgery and I am so pleased I did. Surgery went extremely well and post operative care has been excellent too. The Spire hospital was superb and on the day I had my surgery I could not fault it. Every member of staff I came across was outstanding in every respect. I trust Mr McCann's advice and his skills and I highly recommend him.

Conrad Tate

Philip McCann is a brilliant shoulder surgeon. He is simply the best.

My husband did massive damage to his shoulder when he dislocated it in a very nasty fall. We had no idea he would need this surgery, he had religiously followed his physio’s instruction and was initially shocked to learn he would need a total reverse shoulder replacement.

However after discussing with Mr McCann he had complete faith and total trust in Mr McCann. He is now 6 weeks post surgery and is making a superb recovery all thanks to this brilliant surgeon.

Marina Charalambous

I recently had a shoulder operation performed by Philip McCann, and I can highly recommend him and his team. The fast and accurate diagnosis was second to none, all the options are explained. I like most people can get a little nervous with operations, but Philip is very reassuring and made me feel at ease, and full aftercare was arranged. Great professional service from start to finish.

Jon Mott

I tore my left pec in December 2020. I saw Mr McCann in early Jan and had an MRI and a successful surgery towards the end of the month. Absolutely fantastic outcome for me, pain free and full range of motion 4 months post op with a great physio recommended by Mr McCann.

Sam Longden

I had been suffering with shoulder impingement for some time before I went to see doctor McCann. After receiving the diagnosis I have booked the operation which was a success and now I’m pain free. The before and after care is at the most highest standards.Doctor McCann is an amazing and brilliant doctor. I can’t recommend him enough.

Corina Bota

I had been suffering from a painful frozen shoulder for sometime. Mr McCann performed a shoulder arthroscopy which was very successful and this has significantly improved my condition. I would highly recommend Mr McCann, based on his excellent knowledge and abilities.

Andrew P

I developed limited movement and a very painful shoulder injury last year. After MRI & x-rays, Mr McCann diagnosed impingement. He prescribed a course of injections and physio. Movement now restored and pain free.

Mike Aikens

After years of elbow pain and discomfort, I decided to have surgery to remove bone fragments / osteophytes. Post surgery, I'm delighted with the result. No pain to discomfort... and considerably more flexibility, movement and function. I am delighted with the work and aftercare from Philip McCann and the team at The Spire.

Mark Fortune

I have been seeing Mr McCann for treatment for a fractured shoulder and have been impressed with treatment and advice provided.

Mark Ronan